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Farewell Blog - 5/11/08

So it's been two years since I've actually blogged. I've made a lot of headway n my career since then. My last blog was a top ten list. Who knew two years later I would use that to be the strongest, hippest part of my show.

I guess I could ramble now about my year. 45 colleges. An AMC appearance in the spring. Almost off to London. The highs of Missouri State, the lows of North Dakota State (which became a high thanks to those students that supported me).

I guess I could rant about big media, medicine, politics and religion, but we're being bombarded enough with what we're supposed to think rather than the fact that we're entitled to think for ourselves.

I guess I could preach about how without hard work, dreams don't go into action. And how every time you thought it was too hard or you couldn't do it, that was really someone else who gave you that inhibition.

But that's for 2028 :)

I haven't been blogging, so the place where you saw 'blog' on my site will now read 'podcast.'

It's my occasional podcast about the Yankees. It got a little tiring last year. despite using my guitar, since all sports talk is is arguing with yourself or others and just complaining. But over the last few weeks, doing the podcast as a character has been a blast. A nice sports satire. While sports are great and we need games, sports talk is predominately media being antagonistic pundits and recorders while athletes and coaches are monotone, monotone drones. (Sans the coach who had a psychotic break and ranted, "I'm a man! I'm 40!")

Thank g-d we have Great Uncle Morty.



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