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Who are the easiest to control?
Who can't speak up for themselves?
Who wants this to continue?

My 2009 NYC Marathon &
2011 LI Half-Marathon Fundraising


Get the Data. Join the fight!


Comedy 101 Radio- Michael Davidson, Sr has been DJ of this show for ten years playing any and all comedy material.

Crazy College - George Stewart plays the last bastion of all music odd, silly or forgotten.

Jasper Music
- Whether as a solo artist or with his band, Jasper has been compared to Ben Folds, Jack Johnson and who else... oh yeah, The Beatles.

Joes Lies - This band about "nothing" truly has something to say.

The Local Music Directory - A directory of musician and music business website links organized by category.

Long Island Band Bookings - Long Island's premiere agency for band and club promotion.

The Long Island Music Index - An alphabetized listing of local bands & performers, venues, open mics, studios, media and more!

Nerd Rock -
Reverend Bubba hosts this novel radio show which features new and vintage music from the outside as well as oddities, obscurities and experimental music.

NY Songwriters - The NY Singer/Songwriter Sessions is designed to enable up and coming artists access to some of New York’s best known venues.

Ring of Fire - A three-piece rock band from Long Island that plays in the tradition of classic rock bands. Nothing fancy, just in your face rock & roll!

StephenLynch.Org - Stephen Lynch fan site with bio, profile, quotes and trivia!

The World Famous Pontani Sisters - The World Famous Pontani Sisters, Angie, Tara & Helen are a trio of choreographed cuties circling the globe on a quest to bring glamour back to entertainment!


Springer Chiropractic - My personal mecca of health, wellness, vitamins and some damn good adjustments.

Dianetics.org - The Modern Science of Mental Health. How the mind really works! PS - Hypnotism sucks :)


Evan's Demo Reels - Professional, affordable reels for actors, comedians and musicians (by yours truly)

Denice Duff Photography - If you're in the LA area, this is where I'd point you for headshots.

http://www.cartoons-caricatures.com - Cartoon art for those who need it!

Phantom Power Productions - The Ultimate Promotional Resource for Live Performers (Jen Rocks!)

Playgroundz.net - The Digital Arts Movement (Art, Music, Comedy, Poetry)


Looking for stage time? Whether you're a comedian or musician, check out openmics.org andchucklemonkey.com. And be on the lookout for my "How To Make a Living in Comedy" seminars at Celebrity Centre International.


Clarity - He may look sketchy, but he is one of the most prolific spoken word artists I have ever come across. He's like a hippie, only coherent. Give him a read.

MacPhoenix - Jonathan Russell features poets and spoken word artists including yours truly at this lyrical web haven. He gave memy first home pageand I thanked him with my tender poetry.


Dan Ahdoot
Fellow Great Neck South
Rebel who rocks every room he plays.

Ted Alexandro
Laugh at him...
as much as you want.

Dave Attell
I don't pick favorite comedians, but Dave's mine.

Dane Cook
If you don't like him,
expect to be punched in the face.

Mitch Fatel
I like "watching" him.
And so does everyone else.

Jim Gaffigan
My sister was in his house.
I'm jealous.

Steve Hofstetter
The Thinking Man's Comic"

Jerry Kahn
Bordering on the Ridiculous"

Gary Keshner
He's funny, cute, humble...
and available!

Jessica Kirson
My mom's favorite comedian.
(Thanks, mom.)

Stephen Lynch
Lynch is the standard in musical comedy, and it's always flattering to be compared to him.

Elon James White
As funny as... well, something really, really funny.
Comedians: Want your headshot here? Contact me about link exchanges.

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