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"LOL" (CD)
Uproar Entertainment, the Comedy CD Company

Available at such internet outlets as:


1) Attack of the Cougar
(sample in widget)
2) Fmylife.com (sample in widget)
3) BonJovi219 (sample in widget)
4) David Hasselhoff Can Save the Day
5) Bam
6) The A-Rod Song
7) Platonic Male Companion
(sample in widget)
8) I Wanna Be Black
9) Inflatable Woman
(sample in widget)
10) Finding Myself
11) Pick Me Pick Me (Live)
12) Real Emo (Live)
(sample in widget)
13) BonJovi219 (Live)
14) Housekeeper (Live)
(sample in widget)
15) Baby (Live)
16) Platonic Male Companion [Remix]

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LOL (2010)
Evan Wecksell - Guitar & Vocals
Kelly Meyersfield - Additional Vocals
Mixed by Keven Brennan (Tracks 1-7, 16),
Jamie Forrest (Track 8), Tara Kijik (Tracks 9, 10)
Tracks 12, 13 - recorded live at Renaissance Hotel, Houston, TX, 11/05
Tracks 14, 15 - recorded live at The Bitter End, NYC, June 2004



1) Dirty Version*
2) "Cleaner" Version*
3) Dirty Version - Acoustic*
4) "Cleaner" Version - Acoustic*
5) Dick Evan Dyke

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Brokeback Mountain (2006)
Evan Wecksell - Guitar & Vocals
Keven Brennan - Bass & Percussion
* Produced and mixed by Keven Brennan
Recorded at f. Boo Studios, Burbank, CA
** Produced and mixed by Jamie Forrest
Recorded at Forrest Studios, Brooklyn, NY

Price: $4 + shipping


Set List:

1) Problem
2) Ready for You
3) 1945
4) Real Emo
5) I Wanna Be Black
6) One More Year (The College Song)

Download Free Windows Media Player

Live at the Bitter End (2005)
Evan Wecksell - Guitar & Vocals
Produced by Larry Oakes
Recorded live on November 21, 2004 at
The Bitter End, Greenwich Village, NYC

Price: $8 + shipping

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