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Live at the Bitter End

The hilarious live CD featuring:
"Real Emo" & "I Wanna Be Black"
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EVAN'S COUNT:  See it on my facebook profile's away message!

Don't worry, Evans! My wall will still serve as a halfway house for you. And I'll try to add some girls so it's not such a sausagefest. 

Email this message to all your friends:

HEY - You guys should add Evan Wecksell (Tufts) to your list! He's this really funny guitar comic who reminds people of Adam Sandler and Stephen Lynch. He is only looking for one more friend! Just ONE! I know - he sounds lazy, but he put a free video and some funny songs up for us at: EvanWecksell.com/facebook.html. SO ADD HIM! THANKS!


Live at the NY Improv


1 - Finding Myself

*Consider this song your post college survival guide.

2 -
She Kicks My Ass

*I'd say this one is self-explanatory.

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What am I doing?  I am lowering my standards like a drunk guy at a fraternity party. With spam suddenly being uncool in the college town of Facebook, I am saying goodbye 26,000 friends by my 26th birthday, and hello one more friend... whenever :)

Why am I doing this? After seeing the success of Steve Hofstetter's Quest (Hmm... play Legend of Zelda much?), I decided to create my own friend empire (Hmm... watch Star Wars much?). It's also fun, random and the exposure is nice too.

With the help of my 12-year-old sister Debbie, I added famous names, people from my hometown (Great Neck, NY) and finally ALL EVANS!
("Not Kevin! It's Evan!") For her help Debbie was rewarded with ice cream and WWE pay-per-view events.

Am I a quitter for ending my birthday thing early? Technically, yes. But I will always be looking for one more friend and in the long run you can't put a limit on that. Everyone can always use a new friend.

What's in it for you? I've posted a free video and some funny songs on this page for your entertainment. That's really all I can do, unless you want ice cream?

You're insane! Can you play at my college?
Since you asked nicely, sure! But first you should email booking@evanwecksell.com. I also do a lot of fund-raisers for student organizations such as fraternities, sororities, Hillel, etc...

Evan's Birthday Friendzy Thank You!


Why? They spread my good name... and they wanted me to stop bothering them. Email out that above message to join the list.
Evan Alderson (Auburn)
Evan C. Lagasse (Auburn)
Evan Lee (Auburn)
Evan Jackson (Berklee)
Evan Fraser (CalPoly)
Evan Li (Ill. Chicago)
Evan Herrara (Colgate)
Evan Malkin (Colorado)
Evan Pohaski (Cornell)
Evan Ayars (JMU)
Evan Stepowany (JMU)
Evan Gill (Kent State)
Evan Strippelhoff (Kentucky)
Evan Stewart (LSU)
Evan McGraw (Mary Washington)
Evan Singer (McGill)
Evan Sonnenberg (McGill)
Evan Davis (MUOhio)
Evan Donnelly (N.C. State)
Evan Raglan Secan (N. Arizona)
Evan Brunell (Northeastern)
Evan Rankin (Notre Dame)
Evan Newman (NYU)
Evan Botkin (Ohio State)
Evan Ozimek-Maier (Ohio Wesleyan)
Evan Decker-Spence (Penn State)
Evan Gargiulo (Penn State)
Evan Wheeler (Purdue)
Evan Emmert (RIT)
Evan Blaire (Rutgers)
Evan Davis (Sarah Lawrence)
Evan M Rogers (SUNY Buffalo)
Evan Anderson (Texas)
Evan Bahr (Texas A & M)
Evan G Cavazos (Texas A & M)
Evan Stewart (Texas A & M)
Evan Anthony Juzek (Texas Tech)
Evan CJ (Toronto)
Evan O'Dea (Trinity U)
Evan Searcy (UConn)
Evan Krouse (UCSC)
Evan Lundy (UF)
Evan Johnson (UNC Greensboro)
Evan Beilke (Washington)
Evan Davis (Washington State)
Evan Williams (West Virginia)
Stephanie Driver (Drexel)
Amber Bates (FSU)
Doron Kutash (Kent State)
David Johnstone (Ohio Wesleyan)
Nicole Wolf (Oregon State)
Xenia Tomlinson (Penn State)
Ginny Mazza (Stetson)
Alexei Citver (Stony Brook)
Pauleth Ip (Stony Brook)
Dee Levy (Stony Brook)
Meredith Evers (Texas A&M)
Valerie Nicole Medrano (Texas A&M)
Chris Costabile (USF)
Michelle N Edwards (Vassar)
Amber Robison (Washington)

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