Chorus & Verse, January 2005

Evan Wecksell: Live at the Bitter End

Fans of laughter may not yet know Evan Wecksell by name but based on his ever increasing appearances at the hottest comedy and music venues across the country it proves only to be a matter of time. Evan is an alternative entertainer who combines his talent for developing and delivering comedic material with his self-accompanied
performance of perversely hilarious compositions. Recently Evan performed live at New York Cityís renowned club The Bitter End.

Evan is happy and comfortable on stage wasting no time opening sweet and strong on his Takamine acoustic electric. Slowly Evan tells the story of an imperfect woman whose flaws and notable features he equally adores. The anticipatory lyrics in Evanís first song Problem, keeps the audience interested in his anecdote. Suddenly, and without warning, the Disney-esque melody line turns defiantly laugh-out-loud funny more closely resembling the cringeworthy Stephen Lynch. Problemís punch line which references Evanís love interestís surprise appendage takes the audience completely by surprise as it seems to do Evan whose facial expression is nothing less than genuine enough to convince the viewer that he too were hearing this story for the very first time.

Evan continues to confide in his audience the secrets of his romantic relationships in Ready for You. Beautiful guitar licks and a dash of sugarcoated vocals complement Evanís observational humor which references the stereotypical male-female relationship.  A cackling exercise for the audience, most present consistently succeed at drowning out subsequent punch lines with the sounds of their own laughter. In Ready for You Evanís physical comedy is highlighted drawing laughs where outward joke telling takes a back seat to musical accompaniment or plot details. Two songs deep into The Bitter End set it is obvious to the audience that this comedic experience is equal parts funny, equal parts pure entertainment.

As the evening continues, there is no denying thereís a certain twisted talent to Evan Wecksell which is perhaps most apparent during I Wanna Be Black. It is possible that the most hilarious aspect of this tune lies in Evanís skilled comedic onomatopoeia-type vocal delivery. This paired with the juxtaposition of his innocent vocal quality and folk-like guitar accompaniment with his raunchy or, in this case, politically incorrect subject matter stands only to further drive home the comedic genius behind his approach. Evanís ability to deliver a story line which one might expect in a song entitled I Wanna Be Black without inciting any particular offense is also notable.

Evanís performance at The Bitter End stretched well beyond a typical comedy set. His vocal and musical delivery kept and held audience attention, his physical comedy kept everybody laughing when raw material may have fell slightly short of par, his endearing interactive skills and playful nature kept audience enthusiasm high and his requisite musical talent pale only in comparison to his raw comedic skill which extend far beyond the traditional ensuring everyone within ear shot is guaranteed a good time. To strictly hear an Evan Wecksell set, however, is a disservice compared to seeing one considering so much of Evanís humor is highlighted by his expressions and passion for physical delivery. But, if you canít make it out to Evanís current west coast tour, this show has been captured on CD and is currently available for purchase at Evan Wecksellís website, Listen with your girlfriend, listen with your boyfriend, listen with your boyfriendís girlfriend, but for Godís sake, use caution while driving. 

Evan Wecksell: Live at the Bitter End
Setlist: Problem / Ready For You / 1945 / Real Emo / I Wanna Be Black / One More Year (The College Song)

- Jennifer L. Pricci, Chorus & Verse
January 2005

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