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Press Release

'College The Musical: A Musical About College' Adds Music to the College Experience
- The Open Press 2/6/08


College The Musical - Theater Review

- StuffWeLike.com 8/15/10

"College," Set to Music
- The Tolucan Times 4/21/10

Drive by Reviews
- LiveJournal.com 3/3/08

My Friends Are Frickin' Brilliant!

- MustangMadam.com (Myspace) 2/24/08

Relive the 'College' years in a true-to-life musical
- The Daily Trojan (USC) 2/20/08


"....their ability to play off each other as actors is excellent...
an amazing sight to see."

- StuffWeLike.com

"....the material is buoyed by the genuine likeability of its two performers, Kelly Meyersfield and Evan Wecksell. Both have an easy presence on stage, and they are clearly having fun. Meyersfield feels like something all her own, a combination of fierce and bubbly with a touch of anarchy in her eyes."
- TB

"Laughed my a** off! GREAT!!!!
The writing, songs, performances, etc...SUPER & FUNNY!!!" - RR

"They did things I hadn't seen before... True creativity!"
- NL

"Wecksell and Meyersfield are fresh, original and raunchy... there are no boundaries."
- The Daily Trojan (USC)

"The lyrics were funny and added to the youthful nature of the performance... The story has a sincere moral element."
- The Daily Bruin (UCLA)

"This show is the greatest of its kind! Entertaining, realistic... AND educational - what more can you ask for? It was so good, I bought the soundtrack. I didn't even do that for Cats."
- PH

"I saw this show today and it is hilarious! If you're in LA area you MUST go see it!! Congratulations Evan and Kelly :)"
- SL

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