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Special thanks to Dadford and Kayak Mom Meyersfield, Dad and Mom Wecksell, Lynsey Bartilson for her brilliant direction and choreography, Paul Storiale, Will McFadden, Amanda Rogers, Gary Imhoff, The Avery Schreiber, Matt Cali Photography, Studio Postcards, Kyle Puccia, CCI & PAC and Family Guy, because you can't go to sleep without a good episode of Family Guy. 


Amy, a naive freshman, experiences the hysterical highs and humbling lows of college life and relationships. Throw in a fraternity brother, a not-so-bright best friend, an RA, a few other characters and some singing and you have yourself a musical about college.

Executive Producer's Note

The idea for this show initially came from a student programmer at Western Texas College who was looking for a comedy show that incorporates serious issues such as drinking. Kelly and I began work on "Alcohol: The Musical." Feeling a little too preachy, we instead brainstormed 3-4 college-themed vignettes that would make up an entire production. Thankfully, Kelly had the idea to just create a show where we do what we do best - be funny and entertaining. Using some of the songs I perform in my solo college shows, some of Kelly's risque classics and a handful of songs Kelly wrote in a matter of minutes, all surrounding a storyline Kelly came up with, lo and behold we have "College." This show would not have been possible without Kelly's unwavering determination and strong belief that this is why we met - to create together. This show would also not have been possible without me, because I'm awesome. -EW

The show does contain some mature content, which can be toned down. Please let us know if you would like a detailed rundown.

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