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** Kelly Meyersfield (Amy, Ricky, Jennifer)

This is the third show Kelly has written and produced. It is by far the best because it is musical and she is doing it with Evan. Kelly’s other favorite shows have included her one-woman show ‘There Will Never Be Enough Pizza’ and “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change.’ Kelly thanks Lynsey for her sheer brilliance, Amanda and Aaron for workin’ it, her mom and dad for heeding the call, Eric because he helped her to learn the funny, the Wecksells and countless others. Most of all thanks to Bear, without whom half of this wouldn’t have been possible. No wait, all of it.

** Evan Wecksell (Julius, Kerry, Ray)
While Evan enjoys touring colleges and clubs as a guitar comedian and talking about celebrities five seconds at a time on VH1 and E! Television, nothing compared to producing this show.  Evan wants to save room on the website so please see the ‘Special Thanks’ section below. But he would like to thank Kelly for setting the deadlines, writing the script, finding an amazing director and tolerating his chronic retardation that his family has come to know so well. Bon Jovi Rules!


Director & Choreography - Lynsey Bartilson
Director Lynsey Bartilson brings a life-long love of musical comedy to this production.  Musical Theater: Westside Story Annie, Paper Moon, Tight Quarters, Situation Tragedy and Mrs. Santa Claus.  Television (partial list): Grounded for Life, Bones, NCIS,  Malcolm in the Middle, Judging Amy, NYPD Blue, Strong Medicine, Philly, Party of Five, Early Edition, That 70's Show. Dancing: Joffrey Ballet, SparKids. Directing/Choreography: Brand New Day, Taking Off!, and Kids Only.  Lynsey is currently the director of  the performing group,  Kids on Stage for a Better World.

Music Arranger & Mixer - Hector Delgado, Kyle Puccia

* Stage Manager/Box Office Host - Amanda Rogers

* Only includes Los Angeles and New York City performances

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