The Tufts Daily  (Tufts University) - September 2, 2008

On-Campus Review

Alum to bring collegiate comedy to Brown and Brew during show tonight

Tufts alumnus Evan Wecksell (LA ’01) has spent the past month turning college life into the comedic experience of a lifetime. Hot off the start of his 13-campus “Helping Hand Tour,” Wecksell will be stopping by Brown and Brew tonight to give Tufts a taste of his college-inspired brand of “shallow and pedantic” comedy.

Wecksell has spent his years since graduation building a strong comedic reputation in New York comedy clubs and on VH1’s “I Love the 80s 3D” and “I Love Toys.” But Wecksell, named one of Hot Comedians of 2009 by “Campus Activities Magazine,” believes college campuses suit him just as well. “I’m kind of immature in general,” Wecksell said. “It’s easy for me to slip into the college persona.”

Accordingly, this year Wecksell co-wrote and produced “College The Musical,” a typical tale of one freshman’s complex and often comedic adjustments to life, relationships and alcohol. Wecksell, who specializes in both guitar comedy and stand-up, says tonight’s performance will include some of his original songs from “College The Musical” and other material inspired by his experience as a “shy, acned freshman, living in Hodgdon, and on the internet chronically.”

While on the Tufts cross country team, Wecksell was convinced by his teammates to rush Theta Chi and now says, “Pledging can be the greatest semester of your life.” Tufts is the fifth stop on Wecksell’s “Helping Hand Tour,” named in honor of Theta Chi’s motto.

Tonight’s performance is also sure to include a menagerie of original songs that Wecksell describes as “totally bizarre.” With storylines involving kidnapped homeless men, male strippers and horny old women, it’s no wonder that Wecksell’s work is often compared to that of legends Adam Sandler and Stephen Lynch.

Tonight’s performance at Brown and Brew begins at 8 p.m. and admission is free.

- by Jan McCreary

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