The Digital Collegian (Penn State) - February 9, 2005
Comic Gets Laughs through Thefacebook (excerpt)
By Laurie Cataldo, Collegian Staff Writer

Columbia University graduate-turned-comedian Steve Hofstetter is on a quest to have more friends on Thefacebook than you, and Penn Staters are helping.

Hofstetter started his quest to get 100,000 friends on Dec. 24. Yesterday, Hofstetter had more than 68,000 friends, including at least 775 from Penn State.


enia Tomlinson (sophomore-psychology), a student at Penn State Erie, said she thinks Hofstetter's quest is a good idea, and believes he will reach his goal.

"It's a good way to get publicity," she said. "At first I was weirded out, but now I think its cool. There's another comedian named Evan Wecksell who's trying to do the same thing."

Wecksell, a Tufts University graduate, is attempting to get 26,000 friends on Thefacebook by Feb. 19.

According to Wecksell's Web site,, he started his self-titled "Facebook Friendzy" after seeing how well Hofstetter's quest was going.

Steve Addeo (sophomore-integrative arts and music) said a friend of his sent him a message about Hofstetter on Thefacebook.

"I basically figured, why not [add him]?" he said.

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