PRESS RELEASE - April 15, 2006

Fraternity Brings Musical Comedy Show to Washington College

As part of their spring event calendar, University of Akron's Theta Chi Fraternity, Greek Life, and Zips Programming Board announces a hilarious evening of comedy with Musical Comedian Evan Wecksell on Tuesday, April 25 in the Student Union.

Akron, OH (OPENPRESS) April 15, 2006 -- Before students sequester themselves to study for finals, University of Akron is injecting some fresh, live entertainment into their schedule. On Thursday, April 25, in Gardner Theater, Zips Programming Network, Greek Life Programs and Theta Chi Fraternity are hosting musical comedian Evan Wecksell.

At 27, Wecksell is young, but his experience is beyond his years. Last year he performed over 175 shows across the country and made his television debut on VH1's "I Love the 80s 3D." Earlier this year he appeared on VH1's "I Love Toys."

"The Toys series was great for me," says Wecksell. "People now call me the Rainbow Brite guy. I don't think it gets any better than this."

Wecksell, a Theta Chi alum from Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts, has already performed for other Theta Chi chapters across the country so when he contacted the Beta Lambda chapter about performing at University of Akron, Vice President Michael Dukles immediately loved what it would mean to the campus.

"Our chapter is very excited for an entertaining night that will bring UA's Greek chapters together," says Dukles. "It will show non-Greek students what it means to be a part of our community."

There also expects to be a larger turnout for Wecksell’s show because the show was moved to a later 9:00 start time in order to follow a lecture at EJ Thomas Hall given by Twyla Tharpe, choreographer of Broadway’s "Movin’ Out."

"How’s that for a doubleheader!" exclaims Wecksell. "I'm going to Twyla’s talk first just on the chance she can teach me some steps for my wedding [this summer]."

As for Dukles and the rest of Theta Chi, they are ready to laugh. "We can't wait for the show!"

Evan Wecksell's comedy night takes place on Tuesday, April 25 at 9:00 PM at Gardner Theater inside the Student Union. It is cosponsored by Zips Programming Network, Greek Life Programs and Theta Chi Fraternity. The show is free for all students.

About Evan Wecksell:
Stand-up Comedian and Singer/Songwriter Evan Wecksell is one of the funniest and most energetic performers to emerge from New York's comedy clubs and musical venues. Often compared to comedic superstars Adam Sandler and Stephen Lynch, Evan’s act is a blend of comedy and music that celebrates dysfunctional relationships, endorses unorthodox career paths and makes fun of bad music. Last year, Evan appeared on VH1’s "I Love the 80s 3D," and earlier this year he appeared on VH1's "I Love Toys." For more information on Evan Wecksell and to purchase his CDs, please visit

About Theta Chi Fraternity:
Theta Chi is an international fraternity made up of more than 160 chapters and colonies. The Beta Lambda Chapter at the University of Akron was founded on February 21, 1942. The chapter was closed in 1994, but due to passionate alumni involvement, they were reinstalled in 1997. Although hindered by a serious depression and two world wars, Theta Chi has grown, and prospered beyond the dreams of the Founders and holds a prominent position among the national fraternity scene. For more information on Theta Chi Fraternity visit For more information on Beta Lambda Chapter visit

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