The Northern Review - February 4, 2008

Comedy Show Comes to ONU

Last Thursday, the brothers of Theta Chi brought a special treat to ONU in the form of comedian and singer/songwriter Evan Wecksell.  At no cost to students, Wecksell performed his original musical comedy routine that he has performed around the country.

Wecksell is a graduate of Tufts University in Medford, MA, and the Alumni President of the Epsilon Theta chapter of Theta Chi.  He began playing guitar in college when he took a course that required students to take up a new hobby.

The first year of his comedy career Wecksell did only stand-up routines.  He eventually combined this with his new hobby of playing guitar.  The result of the combination is the comedy style that has led to him being compared to musical comedy superstars like Steven Lynch and Adam Sandler. “I kind of let the songs be my background, but I try to talk around them,” said Wecksell. 

He says that his most recent material has been different than his past work. “The new songs I’ve been playing... have not been straight songs. It’s been very interactive... stuff I think the venue will enjoy.”

Three years ago, while employed at a temporary day job, he came up with the idea to contact Theta Chi chapters around the country and perform at their universities.   Wecksell said “[Those shows] kind of served as the foundation for all the college shows I do.”

Performing for Theta Chi, he says, is an amazing thing.  He hits it off instantly with his Theta Chi brothers. “I’m one of them, so it becomes a fun show.”  Each chapter decides whether or not to charge admission to the shows for fundraisers or to open it to the student body for free, as was done on Thursday.

As for the future, Wecksell says “I think I want to run for president in 2028.” In the meantime, he and his wife, Kelly Meyersfield, are in a musical this month called College: The Musical. He is enjoying touring for now, and is of course always working to expand his career. 

“Comedy. Melody. Stupidity... That’s sort of my slogan,” says Wecksell. “[I use] stupid topics, but present [them] in a very intelligent way.”    

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