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Comedy X tour on campus Saturday
posted on: 09.14.2006 by Jeff Martin

“So a Georgia fan, a ‘Bama fan and Southern fan walk into a bar…”

The Comedy X Tour is coming to the Russell Union Ballroom Saturday, Sept. 16. The show starts at 10 p.m. and the lineup consists of three of 24 comedians on the tour of thirteen colleges across the nation.

The three comedians who will be performing this Saturday at GSU are Evan Wecksell, Dave O’Gara and the funnyman known only as Spanky. Tickets are free, however, you have to pick them up beforehand at the Office of Student Activities.

All of the comedians coming to town are experienced in television and stand-up comedy.

Evan Wecksell’s act incorporates both music and comedy much like Steven Lynch. He plays comedic songs, which range from poking fun at musicians to strange jobs. Wecksell has appeared on VH1’s “I Love the 70s II” and “I Love the 80s 3D” as well as on E!’s “Forbes Celebrity 100: Who Made Bank.”

Wecksell has also released a comedy CD titled “Live at the Bitter End” and a single called “Brokeback Mountain” which was played on national radio.

Dave O’Gara is the man from the Discovery Channel’s 2005 series of “Cash Cab.” He also does stand-up and teaches stand-up at Charlie Goodnight’s in Raleigh, N.C. O’Gara is a former Navy man who regularly performs all along the east coast of the United States.

The last comedian that will be performing at Georgia Southern goes by the stage name Spanky. From Texas, Spanky has appeared on the A&E Network’s “Good Time Cafe,” “Evening at the Improv” and “Comedy on the Road.” He has also appeared on numerous other comedy shows on a variety of other networks, however, for the most part Spanky performs his stand-up act on the road and has been performing since 1985. In 1999, he was named Comedian of the Year and in 2002 he was the Performer of the Year.

This act is going to be one of those rare events when nationally recognized talent comes to Statesboro.

Everyone should come out to the show this weekend to support these awesome guys who remembered to include Georgia Southern on their national tour.


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