The Eagle Eye  (Lock Haven University) - January 29, 2009

Comedians get 'real' with college audience
by Chris Hoskavich

Issue date: 1/29/09 Section: Features

Students were left in stitches at Price Auditorium on Friday as the Haven Activities Council (HAC) presented its Night of Comedy.

The event featured comedians Evan Wecksell and Reese Waters.

Waters, who has appeared on MTV's "TRL," Comedy Central and Sirius Satellite Radio and will soon be seen on "Comics Unleashed" and in the pages of New York magazine, opened the show.

He drew a raucous response from the crowd with his jokes about life in New York, Philadelphia sports fans and growing up without heat because of his parents' excessive frugality.

"Do you know how hard it is to play Nintendo with mittens on?" he said.

The audience was also drawn to his stories about his college experience.

"I wrote a 60-page paper on the correlation between mullets and unemployment," he said.
Wecksell, who has been featured on VH1's "I Love the 80's" and E!'s "Celebrity Feuds," followed Waters.

Wecksell serenaded those in attendance with songs about cougars (not the animal), emo music, kids who are always on the internet and his personal hero, Miley Cyrus.

Perhaps the high point of his act was his list of the top ten things about LHU, which included "bubbles in the fountain," "snow days," and "if elementary education doesn't work out, you can always fall back on your recreation management degree."

Both comedians said they enjoy performing at colleges, an experience which differs from performing in clubs.

"Normally when you do a club, people are already beaten down by life, so you kind of talk about how crappy everything is," said Waters, "but (at colleges) you want to be more hopeful."

Wecksell said he performs mostly at colleges.

"College is more real than the real world because you can be yourself more," said Wecksell, "so it's easier for the crowd to just get into it and have fun."

He said this event was quite successful.

"It was a great crowd," he said. "Everyone came out; it was amazing."

HAC performing arts chairperson Jen Black agreed and thanked the students for coming to the show.

"We really appreciate everyone coming out to support us," she said.

She also encouraged students to attend future activities.

Upcoming HAC-sponsored events include magician Michael Kent on Friday, Amy Anderson and Mike Kaplan on February 6 and Robbie Prince and Jeff Keith on March 13.

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