Chorus & Verse, May 2004
Evan Wecksell: "Finding Myself"

Fans of laughter may not yet know Evan Wecksell by name but based on his debut CD release Finding Myself in which Evan combines his talent for developing and delivering comedic material with his self-accompanied performance of perversely hilarious self-penned songs it proves to be only a matter of time. Evan Wecksell is a different kind of songwriter who composes and performs tunes about his willingness to satisfy his lesbian lover’s needs in “Dick Evan Dyke” and coming-of-age classics about a boy who finds his calling as an under-toned male stripper in the title track “Finding Myself.”

Each track begins with beautiful guitar licks and a dash of sugar-coated vocals invoking visions which capture your mind’s eye when suddenly, without warning, the Disney-esque ballad you were swaying along to turns defiantly laugh-out-loud funny more closely resembling the cringeworthy Stephen Lynch. Evan’s observational humor combined with his issue-focused cleverness explode into a cackling exercise for the listener who will no doubt miss a couplet or two having drowned out the CD with the sound of his own laughter.

There is no denying there’s a certain twisted talent to Evan Wecksell. Perhaps the most hilarious aspect of an Evan Wecksell tune lies in his style and the juxtaposition of his innocent vocal quality and folk-like guitar accompaniment with his raunchy subject matter. This paired with his skilled comedic delivery, showcased for example in “Inflatable Woman,” a song about his failing love relationship with his favorite sex toy which features his best vocal interpretation of lyrics, stands only to further drive home the humorous genius behind the number.

The debut LP from Evan Wecksell Finding Myself finds himself a talented blend and a double-threat package of hilarity. For information on how to purchase Finding Myself visit Evan’s website at

- Jennifer L. Pricci, Chorus & Verse, May 2004

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