The Alestle  (Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville) - January 22, 2009

From living room to computer to campus

Comedian discovered on YouTube to perform Wednesday
by Neal Gough

Issue date: 1/22/09 Section: A&E

Assigned reading and pop quizzes aren't funny, but comic relief will show up this Wednesday in the form of Evan Wecksell.

Wecksell will perform at 7 p.m. Wednesday in Bluff Hall as part of the Campus Activities Board's Just 4 Laughs series.

Wecksell is an up-and-coming comedian hailing from New York's famed comedy clubs and has been featured on Comedy Central's "The Gong Show" with David Attell, as well as on VH1's "I Love the Holidays," "I Love the 70's II," "I Love the 80's 3D" and "I Love Toys."

Wecksell said he enjoys the university crowd more than TV stints.

"It's more fun to entertain college students," Wecksell said. "I like being energetic and fun and having them accept that."

Wecksell started touring in 2005, doing a handful of college shows, and last year alone he performed more than 100 shows, according to his Web site,

Wecksell has performed at colleges such as the University of California Los Angeles, Florida State University, Purdue University and Missouri State University.

At 29, Wecksell said his comedy appeals to college students.

"I'm young in general so I'm more conducive to entertain young adults," Wecksell said. "College is more real than the real world."

A staple of Wecksell's shows is his top 10 lists. During his shows Evan will put together a top 10 list of "the best things about" the specific university he is performing at that night and put it to music.

"I want to make it more personal," Wecksell said.

Wecksell said he could not reveal what his top 10 list for SIUE would contain partly because he himself does not know yet.

"I have to get there and talk to students," Wecksell said.

CAB chose to book Wecksell after Entertainment Chair Veronica Steele discovered him online.

"Evan Wecksell was a comedian I found through," Steele said. "I search for newer, younger comedians. I thought he was really funny, and we contacted his agency to book him."

Steele said she looks for comedians to bring to campus throughout the year, and her goal is to find comedians that perform college tours.

"After watching a few of his clips and visiting his Web site, I have certainly become a fan of his work," Steele said.

The Just 4 Laughs series is free admission to all students and free drinks and snacks will be provided.

Freshman pre-pharamcy major Andrew Wegener said he appreciated CAB providing activities for students.

"It shows that (the university) actually cares that we get out there and have fun," Wegener said.

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