Aural Fix Magazine, September 2004

Evan Wecksell is pretty much the Stephen Lynch of the Long Island music scene - he's basically a comedian whose medium is music. And much like Stephen Lynch, the fact that he's actually a pretty good songwriter greatly enhances his comedy.

"Finding Myself" is his debut CD. The title track is classic - it features lyrics about the young Wecksell embarking on a career as a male stripper, set to music that is both triumphant and pseudo-inspirational.

What works about it is that it's not only amusing - it also has a heart. It reminds me of a musical version of the Rob Schneider film "Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo," with lyrics like "I can be a male stripper / I'll look each girl in the eye / I won't care if you're ugly / Or if you're really a guy."

Other tracks on this 8-song CD include a song about a battered male ("She Kicks My Ass"); a song about being a Siamese Twin ("138"), and songs where the title says it all, such as "Midget Love" and "Inflatable Woman."

Wecksell has a twisted mind, and a good sense of melody. I admire both of those traits. His web site is"

- Richard Hughes, Aural Fix Magazine, September 2004

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