Aural Fix Magazine, March 2006
Short Scenes from the TV Screen
One day we'll make the OC!

by Matt Jasper

LI Acoustic Movement founder Deborah Lombardi gets songs placed on Animal Planet's new show "Horse Power". This is profoundly appropriate, since sometimes I like to imagine her ideal target audience: the teenage girl who likes horseback riding, writing in notebooks, and dealing with life, will love Deborah Lombardi's music. If you listen to her songs, you'll think of that grade school crush with the freckles who really liked unicorns, maybe a little too much... (Actually wasn't that Deb from Napoleon Dynamite?)

Less equestrian, more ritual animal sacrifice, Steve Leiberman, "the Gangsta Rabbi", shot a special for News 12, a seven minute segment repeated on the 28's, filmed in Babylon's Pisces Cafe. Steve heads up Long Island's "Orthodox Jew, punk, bass and flute with a drum machine" circuit, and has developed a rather large internet following. He will be the partial inspiration (along with Dee Dee Ramone) for my upcoming, as of yet unwritten "LI Jews Who Rock the Punk Bass" book, which is the follow up to that Jews in Sports book all about Hank Greenberg. That's how hardcore this notorious hooligan Rebbe is.

Another funny musical Jew, Evan Wecksell (formerly of Great Neck) does comedy rock songs, in the style of Adam Sandler's Hanukah song, or Steven Lynch's song about illiterates. He is currently bi-coastal (possibly bi-polar?), and a VH1 mainstay on shows such as Remember the ______. When I last saw him, he was working on material for Remember the Toys of the 80s ("Silly Putty, what's so silly about that?"). No joke.

Remembering the Long Island rock mainstays of the 90's, Iridesense get their song "Gasoline" on the Nickelodeon's Zoe 101, with more Nick shows pending. If you don't think Iridesense fits this "Nickelodeon high school drama" bill, realize that they were the kickin' Kennedy H.S. pit band for that venue's original Shakespeare showcase Blood, back in the mid to late nineties...

Away from the clean pop shine of Iridesense, Dirty Bath Water's Feb 11th Vintage Lounge show was filmed for MTV2's Voice Box. DBW is an extremely tight groove-based band, known for out of the ordinary instrument arrangements and frogs on their heads. Maybe the frogs can explain why the water is unsuitable for bathing...

Also recently at Vintage was Early Grace, for the release of their new record. I had the opportunity to open that solid show, later taking in their original indie rock styling with a fresh ear. Imagine if the Replacements had Natalie Merchant as a front woman, and wanted to sound like The Band. Their music has been cleared for MTV's Parental Control, about Moms and Dads taking revenge on bad boyfriends. Hmm. Well, at least more quality Long Island music is finally making it onto MTV...

And then there's Tom Cavanagh, who has probably already done all the music for each of the channels listed above, as well as many others. We'll get into that for the Ken Burns' Scenes from a TV Screen documentary, a 12 hour miniseries.

Matt Jasper is a local singer songwriter who saw the OC once at some girl's house. It was decent, and had some good music, but a Hanu-qua-mic-akah bush? What would the Gangsta Rabbi think? Matt would rather just be a guest on the Daily Show, or have the incentive to get free tickets for it. Feel free to advertise staying in and watching TV shows with your music in them, by emailing

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