Aural Fix Magazine, March 2005
L.I.A.M. Appear on WebRadio WCWP Aural Fix Transmission (excerpt)
By Mike Ferrari, Staff Writer

Founded by Deborah Lombardi, a local songwriter, the Long Island Acoustic Movement (L.I.A.M.) strives to promote the thriving local acoustic scene, with an emphasis on the original music of singer-songwriters, duos and acoustic groups. Their mission is to provide profitable performance opportunities, create valuable music industry contacts and expand the collective fan base by networking through a Yaho email message board.

Each month Deborah brings a group of acoustic artists to the Aural Fix Transmission webcast for special live in-studio performances and interviews.

Saturday, February 26th featured the following LIAM members...


Singer/Comedian Evan Wecksell shared a recording of his live performance from The Bitter End of his mock Bowling for Soup tune "1945" as well as in-studio acoustic performances of "Pick Me, Pick Me" and "She Kicks My Ass."


Find out more about LIAM at:

Saturdays 12-2pm on

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